Fueling start-ups growth in China

SANPEI VENTURES is China’s first venture builder for Western start-ups aiming to accelerate their growth in Chinese and Asian markets. We work with data-driven start-ups developing innovative B2B technologies aiming to disrupt retail and consumer-facing sectors.

What we offer:

Initial funding

We provide the necessary investment to grow the business in China. Start-ups are not required to invest.

Full operational capabilities

We set-up dedicated teams and run the operations in China, allowing start-ups to focus on their core markets.

Sales leads generation

We activate sales leads since day 1 through our extensive network with international and local corporations in China.

Visibility to investors

We can leverage our investors’ network to support additional fundraising at start-ups global level.


Who we are

We are entrepreneurs and investors with long experience in China. We’ve built and exited start-ups here before, and we understand how challenging it is for Western start-ups to succeed in China. We want to put all our expertise and knowledge to use to maximize the start-ups success in the region.

Why us

China is complicated, even more for foreign companies. We believe that a traditional investment approach is not enough for Western start-ups to access the local market.

We developed a unique model to serve the start-ups that we work with and maximize their chances of success in China: we don’t simply invest and expect the team to grow the business in China, but we set-up a dedicated team and operate the venture locally, leveraging all our expertise and operational capabilities to gain traction in the market.

We are partners rather than simple investors, and we go the extra mile to ensure that the venture succeeds in China.


Cecilia Wu

Strategy Manager

Jenny Cheung

Head of Business Development

Hendrik Schwartz

Managing Partner Singapore

Why China

It’s not just about the number of people, rising middle-class urban population, or the explosive economic boom in the last decades.

It is all about an extremely innovative country, with early-adopter, tech-savvy, extremely demanding consumers and large companies with huge appetite for technologies that can help them to keep path with their consumers evolving needs.

Total population
Online shoppers
Internet users
Mobile payment users
Social media users
O2O active users
Unique mobile users
IoT M2M connections

How we work

1. Assessment

• Term sheet signature
• Market analysis
• China roadshow
• Feedback from prospective clients
• Business plan development

2. Development

• Joint-Venture set-up in Singapore
• Resources allocation under SANPEI
• Product localization
• First success cases and strategic partnerships

3. Growth

• Revenue acceleration
• Spin-off from SANPEI, fully dedicated team
• Follow-on funding
• Asia expansion

4. Exit

• Execution of call option by start-up
• Merger or acquisition

We become local partners of the Start-ups we work with, allowing them to maximize their growth in China with little disruption on their core business. We work under the principles:

Start-ups do not need to invest in the Joint-Venture
Start-ups have full visibility over Joint-Venture operations
Start-up can regain full control of the Joint-Venture at any time

Start-ups we work with

Data-driven Technologies

Retail and Consumer-facing

B2B SaaS Model

Proven track record

High scalability potential

Pre-A or Series A stage

We are only focused on Retail and Consumer-facing sectors, but we will progressively access additional verticals in the upcoming years:

Smart Cities, Mobility and IoT

AgriTech, Clean Energy

MedTech, Digital Health

FinTech, Insurance


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